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Welcome to my Website!

To help provide AWS information to the community, and as part of my AWS Community Builder responsibility, I have launched this website on all things AWS.

If you have never checked out the AWS Community Builder program, I highly recommend you do. You can read about it here.

Now I admit, it would have been cool if I actually developed this website on AWS, and leveraged Lambda and event-driven architecture to power it, and maybe thrown in some ChatGPT-4 for good measure. But alas, I went the quick and easy route with Wix. I know, I know, feels like a copout. But keep in mind my focus and objective is to bring information to you in an efficient manner, and writing code has never been more forte. So yes this is on WIx. For now, anyway...

Along with this website, I have created a YouTube site, which you can find here. I will be starting off with introductory videos, and then ratcheting up the complexity and depth over time.

So my plan is to begin to put out one training video each week, and to keep this website updated as I come across interesting AWS items. Thank you for joining me however you choose to do so - in one of my three AWS user groups, via my Jeff on AWS YouTube channel, or this website.

I'm very passionate about AWS, and I hope to grow your passion as well.

Until next time...

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